Join the group

Pay L$1,500 to join the Luxe Box group in-world every month. The group opens on the 1st of every month and you have until the 14th at 11:59PM SLT to join.


Check the group notices

On the 15th of the month, group enrollment closes and a group notice is released with your Luxe Box HUD.


Wear your HUD and enjoy!

Once you get your Luxe Box HUD, attach it and enjoy 12 semi-exclusive* items from your favorite brands! Click each item to get it sent to you and immerse yourself in the un-boxing experience!


*All items in the Luxe Box, as they are, in texture and color are exclusive to their respective Luxe Box and all Luxe Box group members. This means the items distributed through Luxe Box, exactly how they are, are only obtainable if you are a Luxe Box group member. It is left to the creator’s discretion to release re-textures or re-colors of their Luxe Box items in their future store releases, but please note that this varies and some brands choose to never sell their Luxe Box releases outside of Luxe Box.


Joining the group each month will not only allow you to receive the current Luxe Box, but also makes you eligible for special perks and VIP gifts!

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  • Quality Items




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Luxe Box Lady of the Month

Have your picture featured on our website as well as 2 free months of Luxe Box if you are our chosen Luxe Box Lady of the Month. Click for more information on how to enter!

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Visit our Perks page often for photo and styling contests you can enter to win a free Luxe Box or other special prizes!

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past boxes

Click here to view our catalog of past month's Luxeboxes.

LuxeBox Catalog

All past Luxeboxes are available to purchase at our in-world boutique starting on the 1st of every month.
You must join the Luxe Box group to be able to purchase them.

All past Luxeboxes are available for L$2,000.

Relax. Unbox. Indulge.

Treat yourself to Luxe Box.